Brookton Tonnes to Port

Project: Brookton Tonnes to Port

Location: Brookton, WA
Duration: 2 Years

The Tonnes to Port initiative by CBH Group aims to improve the grain handling efficiency of their site. CBH Group sought to improve the efficiency of the Brookton grain handling site through reviews conducted on all site infrastructure, layouts and operational practices. Several solutions were designed to provide the most effective methods to reduce time to load haul trains to achieve future capacity targets. The concepts incorporated configuration changes to rail, storage, equipment and operational practices.

Scope of Work included assess existing site configuration and operations, propose concept solutions maintaining existing footprint, estimate budget for proposed changes, report on solutions with recommendations.

Project Challenges included ability to modify rail tracks to improve efficiency were restricted due to land ownership, existing conveyor systems were unable to achieve capacity targets.

McDowall Affleck recommended to obtain additional land to optimise rail transport, reducing shunting impact on local traffic, increasing over rail storage capacity and conveyor speed allowed for the CBH Group to reduce load out times to meet capacity target.

Value Engineering – McDowall Affleck provided several concepts to be assessed and selected by the CBH Group with the focus on improving operational efficiency across all sections of the site.

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