Dalkeith Road Laneway

Project: Dalkeith Road Laneway

Location:  Perth, WA
Duration: 6 Months

McDowall Affleck were engaged by City of Nedlands in 2020 to complete a new laneway design from Dalkeith Road to Stanley Street. This involved developing 2d concept plans based on existing constraints while still allowing the design vehicle which was a semitrailer to traverse the laneway.

Once the alignment of the new laneway was signed off by relevant stakeholders then levels and feature survey was completed to allow Detailed design drawings to be produced for preferred new laneway alignment from Dalkeith Road to Stanley Street that consisted of an inverted crown laneway with mountable kerb, stormwater pit and pipe networks and Humes Stormtrap modules at strategic locations, allow for existing services and provide locations for street lights.

As part of the works we also completed a hydrological and hydraulic analysis for a 1% AEP for the upstream urban catchment which was approximately 8ha and provided additional underground storage in strategic location to capture and dissipate flows.

McDowall Affleck worked with City of Nedlands to provide a design to suit their requirements and changed some of the prepacked civil components to suit their budget.

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