King Road Brewing

Project: King Road Brewing

Location:  Oldbury, WA
Duration: 6 Months

King Road Brewing requested assistance from McDowall Affleck to obtain design registration of their four beer vessel designs with WorkSafe WA. The beer vessels were designed and manufactured in accordance with the Chinese pressure vessel code (GB150.3), which was not listed in the applicable Western Australian OSH Regulations as an acceptable design code, although it is commonly used in other States of Australia. This required an exemption to be requested from the WorkSafe Commissioner to allow the use of this code. We liaised with the overseas supplier to obtain the design documentation, verified compliance with the code by completing the verification calculations, and then organised the submissions to WorkSafe for exemption and design registration.

We used our experience in the design and verification of pressure equipment to ensure the design documentation was compliant with the design code. We also used our understanding of the WA OSH Regulations to obtain the appropriate exemptions and registrations from WorkSafe to allow the safe use of the vessels.

We enabled our client to safely use their equipment sourced from overseas. If the exemptions and registrations had not been granted by WorkSafe, then the equipment would have needed to be replaced with vessels designed to a different code, at significant additional expense.

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