Mercury Treatment Facility

Project: Mercury Treatment Facility

Location:  Gap Ridge, WA
Duration: 3 Years

Contract Resources appointed McDowall Affleck to provide Full Engineering services for the design and assistance during construction of a Mercury Treatment Plant in Gap Ridge (WA). The facility accepts, stores and treats mercury-contaminated waste from various sources, including Western Australia’s oil and gas industry, preventing waste from being exported for treatment, being left in long-term storage or ending up in landfill. The facility was opened in December 2019 and can treat 2,000 tonnes a year of mercury-contaminated waste and store up to 400 tonnes of waste at a time.

We faced a few challenges; the importance of level 3 buildings in a region D cyclonic location and environmental requirements for hazardous materials. We were however able to visit the site during the design phase and confirm the as built structure was in accordance with the assumptions made.

McDowall Affleck took responsibility for full engineering and managed the design team leaving no gaps for Contract Resources.

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