Parkerville Rural Subdivision

Project: Parkerville Rural Subdivision

Location:  Parkerville, WA
Duration: 4 Years

Parkerville Children & Youth Care engaged McDowall Affleck to commence land development of inherited land in the area with proceeds funding the expansion of their existing facilities. The subdivision included a total of 58 lots across two stages where McDowall Affleck were tasked to design all roads, drainage and water including documentation. This included engagement with our subconsultant Underground Power Development Pty Ltd for the design and documentation of all underground power and telecommunication works.

We were faced with challenges of the occurrence of erosion at the beginning of construction impacted the waterways of the Clutter Brook and due to existing scoping topography, difficulties were encountered with ensuring roadworks met the Shire of Mundaring grading restrictions.  McDowall Affleck employed a combination of mulch, drainage swales and straw bales to limit the impact of erosion.  Due to the complexities of the site, a cut (up to 4m) and fill (up to 5m) method was employed to meet the land grading requirements with a reduced ecological impact to the area.

McDowall Affleck’s extensive knowledge of the local region allowed the project to be completed with reduced costs and on budget across various phases that was delivered to a high standard that met the client’s expectations.

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