Port Hedland Gate Platforms

Project: Port Hedland Gate Platforms

Location:  Port Hedland, WA
Duration: 2 Years

As part of their continuous Asset Integrity Review Program (AIR), Dampier Salt Ltd appointed McDowall Affleck to undertake a visual inspection and assessment of several gate platforms located at the connections between evaporation ponds in their Port Hedland facility. Following the inspections McDowall Affleck designed the strengthening works for one platform and also provided a typical parametric platform design, applicable to several other platforms.

We had challenges along the way with the lack of documentation regarding existing structures and trying to work when other contractors, consultants and company site personnel were present on site. We overcome this by areas not accessible at the time were inspected from a distance and recommendations were given based on assumptions to be verified by site personnel at a later stage.

The inspection was conducted by a structural and a mechanical engineer who could undertake a detailed inspection of the whole structure in one day. Three risk levels were identified allowing DSL to plan the remedial works based on priorities linked to risk levels.

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