Spring Park at Dayton

Project: Spring Park at Dayton

Location:  Dayton, WA
Duration: 6 Months

Ainsworth Developments engaged McDowall Affleck to undertake the Design, Tender and Superintendence of the development of their land that they have had in the family for many years as a horse agistment property. We had originally subdivided off the house lot as stage 1, and then undertook the development of the remaining 38 lots which included a large lot (originally 6 lots) for a Childcare Centre Site. We were asked to enable the childcare site to be able to be subdivided off early to assist the childcare operator and assist with cashflow for the subdivision.

The scope of work included design and the earthworks, roads, drainage, sewer and water reticulation as well as the UWMP.

The project challenges included the clearance to groundwater governed the earthworks design and we were constrained by the existing house levels to tie into as well as existing road levels for Sam Rosa Place and Cranleigh Street.  The geotechnical report indicated the presence of organic rich layers of soil with high groundwater. After further investigations when earthworks were commencing we found that there were only small pockets so with the sign off by the geotechnical engineer we were able to achieve A class sites over the entire development with minimal extra cost.

The real key was the value engineering on the project and that we were able to bring the project well under budget considering the costs for all subdivisions were blowing out due to price increases on all materials and products as well as general contractors rates increasing.

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