96 MW Quorn Solar Power Plant Hydrological/Hydraulics Study

96 MW Quorn Solar Power Plant Hydrological/Hydraulics Study
February 18, 2021 Marketing

Project Overview

In November 2019 Enel Green Power engaged McDowall Affleck to undertake a Hydrological/Hydraulics Study of the 470 Hectares site located on Back Trundle Road, Parkes NSW 2870 which had been identified for the development of a 96 MW Solar farm. The Hydrological/Hydraulics Study is required to identify the flood risk areas within the site. McDowall Affleck’s alliance partner Studio Techné, conducted an independent verification to validate the results of the Study.

Type of Engineering Work – Civil Engineering – Hydrological/Hydraulics Study

Scope of Work – To analyze the Solar Power Plant area in its pre-development condition to determine the future plant layout including site characterization and catchment area evaluation, processing of the rain data and IDF and DDF curves, producing critical hyetographs for the 1 in 100 ARI storm event and maximum flow rates captured within the site.

Project Challenges – Extremely tight time constraints, findings needed to be verified independently whilst meeting the client’s expectations for delivery.

How we managed this – McDowall Affleck liaised with Studio Techné throughout the entire project, allowing verification of the Studies results as they were calculated. This allowed the projects delivery date to be met whilst providing an accurate Hydrological/Hydraulics Study.

Value Engineering – McDowall Affleck’s worked with Enel Green Power and Studio Techné to produce a Hydrological/Hydraulics Study that was independently verified within the limited timeframe allowing Enel Green Power to confirm the viability of the project and include the results of the analysis in the tender package for the bidders.