Cabernet Estate

Project Type

Civil Engineering

Project Location

Viveash, WA

Project Duration

3 Years

This land subdivision in Viveash required use of the Civil Team’s extensive knowledge and experience with clay based and acid sulphate soils. The design needed to take into account the Swan River 1 in 100 year flood levels as well as being adjacent to Blackadder Creek with Aboriginal significance. The team worked closely together with the geotechnical engineer to ensure the subdivision certification of “S Class” was achieved from the original “M-H” classification.

Working within the Swan River flood plain, the Civil Team liaised and negotiated with the Swan River Trust to allow filling into the flood plain to ensure that the unsuitable clay was able to be used as a clay bund supporting the sand fill. This reduced the need to remove the clay from site saving our client over $300,000. It also prevented the need for significant retaining walls along the length of the site. We worked closely with the planners and surveyors to modify the layout plan to reduce the cost of servicing the site with sewer and drainage.