Northam SuperTowns

Project Type

Civil Engineering

Project Location

Northam, WA

Project Duration

8 Months

McDowall Affleck recently completed an infrastructure audit for Northam which involved assessing current infrastructure (water, sewer, electrical, roads, street lighting, telecommunication, drainage etc.) capacity and reviewing the proposed density of Northam which would grow the town from 7,000 to 20,000 people as part of the SuperTowns project. From this, we were able to identify current and future constraints and possible projects that could be completed to allow growth, together with indicative costs of these projects based on population growth to 20,000 people.

During the project, key team leaders also participated in a workshop with the community so that they could be provided with information from locals as to what they felt were the items that constrained the town. We also communicated with regulatory authorities in regards to their current constraints, including constraints based on population growth, which projects currently have funding and if funding would be available within the timeframe of expected growth.

We were provided with an extremely tight timeframe as we were engaged late in the programme and successfully completed the Infrastructure Review Report on time and on budget. Extra work was also requested and also completed within the timeframes required.

After McDowall Affleck’s completion of the SuperTowns project we were soon asked to complete an analysis for under-performing drainage areas within the town drainage network and from this analysis we were able to provide recommendations to rectify the existing drainage to the Shire’s requirements.

As part of the project we completed a site visit, condition report of the existing drainage network, provided recommendations on the amount of survey and CCTV inspection of existing drainage network, cost estimate of upgrades to drainage based on recommendations and completed concept and detailed design drawings for construction.