Victoria Hotel in Toodyay

Project Type

Structural Engineering

Project Location


Project Duration

12 Months

McDowall Affleck have designed the replacement of the verandah and balcony for the Victoria Hotel in Toodyay which was built in 1899. The Veranda and balcony was in a poor state of repair and due to the risk to persons, council ordered remediation and this required our expertise. We recommended removal due to the extent of termite damage and redesigned a replacement structure that was required to match what was already in place. This new structure has been built and has been approved by the local heritage officer as meeting the requirements of the scope.

McDowall Affleck applies the most advanced concepts of structural engineering, for the sustainable design of the strengthening works of listed heritage buildings. Low impact construction techniques and bio-architectural concepts make large use of selected and recycled natural materials to transform ancient buildings in modern functioning facilities, respecting their character and maintaining their unique charm. Refurbished buildings are fully compliant with current Australian Standards, the BCA and the Heritage Council requirements.

McDowall Affleck Construction constructed the verandah in accordance to the heritage requirements and using the engineering smarts listed above.