Butler Commercial Development

Project: Butler Commercial Development

Location:  Butler, WA
Duration: 2 Years

McDowall Affleck was commissioned by Shimal Summerbreeze Pty Ltd as their Civil Engineering Consultants to assist when a Commercial Development in Butler.  The end users of the commercial lots being Red Rooster, KFC, Shell and ALDI.

McDowall Affleck completed the design and documentation of the sewer reticulation and roads and drainage for the crossover, service and entrance laneways. McDowall Affleck engaged with Underground Power Development Pty Ltd as a sub-consultant for the Design and Documentation of the underground power design. A numbers of contractors completed the Civil Construction works through a selected tender process.

A significant aspect of the project was the sewer main extension. Upon a predesign site inspection, it was determined that a sewer main extension along Butler Boulevard to service the site was possible, but would have been a very costly exercise. McDowall Affleck liaised closely with Water Corporation and the Developer and ultimately designed and obtained approval to install the sewer within private property. The end result was a cost saving of about $100K to the developer.

The four individual end users had their own Architects and Civil Designers for the sites. McDowall Affleck was commissioned to coordinate and provide an overall master plan for the entire site to ensure that all the levels and layouts within all 4 lots was achievable and tied in smoothly. All four sites had their own constraints with layouts and levels. The design of the levels for the service laneway needed to take into account an existing retaining wall on the northern perimeter of the site which serviced all four lots, which then had an effect on the development levels. The completion of the master plan ended with all parties agreeing to levels enable construction in a timely manner.

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