Kingsview Estate

Project: Kingsview Estate

Location:  Landsdale, WA
Duration: 3 Years

Riverside Developments Co. Pty Ltd commenced the development of approximately 6 hectares in Landsdale between Kingsway Road and Landsdale Road in Landsdale. McDowall Affleck were approached to design all the earthworks, retaining walls, roads, drainage, sewer, water reticulation, underground power and communications. The 119 lot subdivision was developed over 3 stages with shared drainage with the adjacent subdivision.

The site was steep, constrained by four neighbours with existing high retaining walls, requiring tying into existing levels to ensure that the adjoining sites could be developed in the future. Changes to planning layouts also required more complex earthwork designs with high retaining walls.

Throughout the project McDowall Affleck engaged with our client to develop design plans that accommodated for future stages whilst incorporating the existing retaining walls along the western boundary.

McDowall Affleck were able to be responsive to the project across the duration through utilising our structural team to deliver a cost-efficient design to maximise the return for Riverside Developments Pty Ltd.

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