Matagarup Bridge – Construction Support

Project: Matagarup Bridge – Construction Support

Location:  Perth, WA
Duration: 2 Years

McDowall Affleck assisted the York-Rizzani De Eccher Joint Venture during the design and construction of the Matagarup Bridge. McDowall Affleck was requested to provide design and third party verification of temporary works including lifting beams, strand jack plates, crane pads, mooring slabs, complex formworks, temporary wishbone support towers and foundations.

McDowall Affleck completed the design of main arches lifting beams and lowering system, strand jack plates, crane pads, mooring slabs. As well as third party verification of wishbones temporary support towers and formwork design for bridge piers.

A quick time response was required for this project, so it was handy that our office location was close by and a dedicated engineer on the project. This avoided any time delays and optimised details of temporary towers this significantly reduced amount of site welding.

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