MudMaster MMX

Project: MudMaster MMX

Location:  WA
Duration: 6+ Years

As part of ongoing research into improving the management of oil sands tailings, the Mechanical team, together with clients Residue Solutions and Amphitec, designed the MudMaster MMX.

This included the mechanical design, 3D modelling and drafting of the complete MudMaster machine, production of drawings for manufacture, certification of the design of the machine to relevant Australian Standards and inspection of various components during manufacture to ensure the machine meets specification.

Every MudMaster machine includes improvements and upgrades from the previous build and we incorporate these changes into the design and 3D model, McDowall Affleck modelled the MudMaster in Autodesk Inventor and maintain a comprehensive database of each machine.

McDowall Affleck worked closely with Phibion over many years to develop the mechanical design of the MudMaster and the technology of the MudMaster has revolutionised the tailings management industry in the mining process with the machine currently being exported and used in Ireland, Canada and the Ukraine.

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