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McDowall Affleck’s retention of staff centres around our mutually shared culture and offering individually tailored programs for growth and development. McDowall Affleck’s firm training practices are a principle that we have carried since the inception of our company. This is due not only to our commitment to creating professionals with modern and flexible skill sets, but also to our belief that offering continual opportunities to increase one’s skills, and therefore one’s worth, creates happy and passionate employees. This is evidenced in the tenures of our management team with staff rising up from junior positions over 10, 20 and even 25 years of continuous service.

Employee feedback is sought constantly to ensure that McDowall Affleck is meeting the needs of its employees. Management maintain an ‘Open Door’ policy, encouraging staff of any level to seek their advice or pass on feedback. More formally, Staff Satisfaction Surveys are undertaken every 12 months with the option to either follow up personally or remain anonymous. The results of these surveys are then used to analyse trends and pre-empt positive change.

Part of our commitment to training is ensuring that we build adequate redundancies in our business. Senior staff spend time with junior team members to develop their skills, new skills learned at training courses are shared at staff meetings and skills matrixes are maintained to ensure necessary skills are spread evenly across the business.


Our McDowall Affleck family get together several times a year, it is important for us to meet on a social level in and out of the office. We also raise funds for various charities and get everyone involved.

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