Maddington Kenwick Strategic Employment Area Precinct 1

Project: Maddington Kenwick Strategic Employment Area Precinct 1

Location:  Maddington, WA
Duration: 7 Years

Juceda Investments Pty Ltd engaged McDowall Affleck to initially prepare a servicing report to support the proposed structure plan for lots 252 at 256 Clifford Street in Maddington. The proposed structure plan was to rezone rural residential land to Business Development to accommodate predominantly logistics and distribution warehouses across over 20 hectares. We were subsequently engaged to undertake the design and construction inspections of all roads, drainage, retaining walls, on site effluent disposal and water reticulation in accordance with the City of Gosnells’ Planning Scheme 6. McDowall Affleck also undertook internal civil design of the logistics developments.

The scope of work included design and documentation of earth works, road works, drainage, water reticulation and onsite effluent disposal; approval assistance with Government departments; inspection of critical aspects of all major works.

The project challenges included the road network being changed after initial planning due to MRWA not allowing existing Clifford St to be left open to full turning movements. McDowall Affleck managed this by designing a new road parallel to Clifford St to allow for a design that accommodated the RAV4 network to allow for B doubles to access the site to service the logistics developments. Included in the design was a new roundabout that was retrofitted into the existing road network on Bickley Road.

The real key was the value engineering on the project included McDowall Affleck’s ability to develop a strong relationship with Juceda Investments Pty Ltd through working on previous major projects that allowed for aligned understanding of the high standards expected as well as being able to undertake design and manage changes in a timely manner.

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